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March 21, 2021

Side Hustle


It barely Spring in North Carolina and we’re about to suggest thinking ahead to the holidays! Did you know that if you started in our next esthetics class, either in Kernersville (Winston Salem/Greensboro area) or in our new location in Mocksville, you could be licensed to make serious cash for Christmas! Even if you love your current job and are just looking for a side hustle, esthetics offers a couple of ways you can make money in addition to your full-time job that is way more lucrative once you have your license!

  1. Lash and brow services. With the current mask mandates, everyone’s focused on beautiful eyes! Why not learn things like lash lifts, brow laminations, lash extensions, and makeup skills that will allow you to help people’s current eye obsessions even more beautiful. Dermacademy teaches all of these components in the regular curriculum without additional tuition charges!
  2. Bridal makeup. Another effect of the pandemic was that people put off weddings and special occasions. As the world re-opens and people get excited about resuming gatherings during the holiday season, you can be licensed to do makeup for these events. (By the way, it’s absolutely illegal for unlicensed people to do makeup for money or other consideration. Take the high road and get licensed! It will pay off—we promise!)
  3. Photoshoots. Everybody wants pictures during the holidays! Whether it’s an informal family group shot at Thanksgiving or a more stylized Santa or “pick-up-truck-and-blankets” shoot, you know people want to look their best! Your newly-minted skills will give people clearer skin, the fashionable makeup, and the lash and brow styles we talked about above so that everyone looks their best! What better time than the holidays to make money making people pretty!
  4. Retail sales. Once you have your license you’ll also have the ability to buy professional products at wholesale prices. You’ll be able to recommend the things that your friends, family, and officemates need to look their best or to gift during the holidays! (And of course, you can purchase for yourself, too!) It’s a simple way to double your money and who doesn’t need that during the holiday season?!


Call our admissions team now to find out how you can enroll in a part-time program that lets you keep your day job or a full-time program that will let you finish school in as little as 16 weeks!

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