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January 14, 2020

Pivot Point International partner


In an earlier blog, we talked about all the reasons why Dermacademy is the smartest choice in esthetician education in the Triad area. Now, let’s talk specifically about it what means for students to attend a school that’s a Pivot Point International partner!

The definition of “pivot point,” is not only the juncture where the blades join on a set of shears but is also the crucial element in an event. It is a true “turning point,” and the definition of attending Dermacademy. As far as textbooks, the Pivot Point approach is about using new angles and finding new directions for success. Attending Dermacademy will give you an elite experience that’s not available at all schools! 


Pivot Point International was founded in 1962 and the company provides the best beauty school curriculum in the world. Although the organization is nearly 60 years old, it’s the most forward education base available today. While all esthetic schools (and beauty schools in general) in North Carolina are governed by laws, rules and regulations set forth by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts ( a Pivot Point education goes above and beyond.

Consider these advantages!


    • All student kits at Dermacademy come with a brand-new Chromebook!
    • Your kit includes a hard-copy textbook, workbook and state board exam prep, but also an 18-month subscription to an electronic version of your textbook that can be installed on up to 6 devices! This gives you access to your course work anywhere, anytime! Lengthy doctor’s appointment with lots of waiting? Take a quiz on your phone! Can’t fall asleep and you’re scrolling through your Ipad—it’s the perfect time to check your course notes! 24/7 access without carrying around a bulky book? Brilliant!
    • Your electronic book allows self-paced learning on your own schedule! Yes—State Board says you must be in class for 600 hours just like students at other schools.  But at Dermacademy, if you want to revisit that chapter that was giving you trouble or you feel inclined to move ahead of your classmates, your lessons are at your fingertips! You can even see if your teacher is online if you have a question or ask a question for your classmates to help you with! You can review the notes you attached to the lesson’s slides or play a game to reinforce the lesson!
    • The book includes detailed technical training. Your lessons have videos showing important things like body position and tool handling that can help extend your career! Did you miss a detail of the facial massage technique we covered in a class? Watch it again and again!
    • The book is an excellent foundation for future learning! It’s unlikely you’ll carry your hardcover textbook into the treatment room with you after graduation, but you’ll probably have your phone in your pocket! It’s a great way to continue to refer back to your earlier lessons!
    • According to a recent study conducted by The Research Institute of America, e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%.


Dermacademy is the future of esthetics education in the Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point area!

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