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January 20, 2020

Lashes 101


Women have longed for full and curly lashes throughout history. As early as 4000 BC, kohl was smudged around the eyes as a ritual. Eventually, in 1840, Eugene Rimmel invented mascara and in 1913, Maybelline made its debut with mascara made from mixing coal and petroleum jelly. The original lash extensions were invented by film director D.W. Griffith. They were made by a wigmaker from human hair and they were sewn to gauze. While today’s trends are very different from those originals, women are clearly still wanting long, dark and beautiful lashes. Indeed, it

it appears that lash and eye enhancement isn’t going away anytime soon.


Today’s lash extensions can be made from animals, including mink, or they can be vegan. They can be strips or clusters or individual lashes adhered to individual human lashes. Let’s talk about the most advanced and longest lasting: the individual lashes.


First, find a certified lash technician. Never go to an unlicensed person to get lash extensions. The consequences for improperly applied lashes can be devastating. Do research on the salon you choose. Look for reviews and ask friends.Next, inquire about  the maintenance that lash extensions require. Individual lash extensions should be filled every 2-3 weeks, and they must gently be cared for. Ask your lash artist for their advice on taking care of lash extensions. Insist on a proper consultation. Lashes can be highly individualized. Discuss with the look you want and agree on length, volume and how natural you’re expecting your lashes to look. Finally, be prepared to never want to live without lash extensions again. They are that great! For women who want an easy makeup routine, these are perfect. You won’t have to curl your lashes or apply mascara! 


It’s required for a lash extension artist in North Carolina to have a license. (Or in the case of Dermacademy, lash artists must be working under the license of a state board licensed instructor). Be careful when choosing an artist to ask about LICENSURE. A certificate from a training event is not enough to protect you. 


If you are interested in learning how to become a licensed lash artist, Dermacademy offers a lash extension class. Enrollees must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to practice after completing the course. If you are not currently licensed as a cosmetologist or esthetician, you can enroll in our esthetician class now! Unlike most other schools, lash extensions are a part of our curriculum and included with your tuition.


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